Gobbets of the week #15

Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history we liked this week:

1. The secret stairs at the top of the Monument! Gorgeous photos and video feat. Tee Dobinson, shared by @mylondontours.

2. Wimbledon – as it was in 1921 (video). 

3. Anthony Geraghty’s slide deck from his Gresham College lecture on Wren and the rebuilding of London’s churches. 

4. The relentless evolution of London’s Underground network is cleverly explained by this Londonist video

5. The 4th of July: London’s Inns of Court and the founding of the USA. 

6. St Alban Wood Street: an old library book and a lonely church tower. 

7. London Then & Now: this old painting of the Watling Tavern, and my pic below comparing it today with another old photo. 

8. Lovely paintings of Chiswick House, 1729-31.

9. Vintage panoramas of modern London. 

10. The strange history of London’s Roman Bath

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