Gobbets of the week #8! 


 Here are links to our top 10 gobbets of London history this week: 

1. Re-imagining Elizabethan London with Mathew Lyons…

2. The lost world of the alleys. @thegentleauthor ventures into one of Spitalfields’ darkest corners.


3. Side by side as equals: Darwin and Wallace in Westminster Abbey. 

4. Cleaning Justice at the Old Bailey

5. The 7 tallest buildings ever demolished in London…

6. An interactive map of C16 London. 


7. A lovely painting of Old London Bridge. 

8. Bedlam’s Big Dig – Crossrail article in the New Yorker…

9. Pipe Dreamsa short film commissioned by the Barbican to mark the passing of Crossrail’s Tunnel Boring Machines beneath the Barbican Estate. 

10. The quirky moles of Sub-Brit visit the Clapham South deep level air raid shelter. 

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