Gobbets of the week #10

Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history that caught our eye this week: 

1. The lovely A London Inheritance blog finds that not much has changed in Highgate since 1948. 


2. Southwark Park ‘ghost station’ uncovered by Thameslink workers. 

3. Massive Waterloo cartoon emerges from Royal Academy storage in time for bicentenary. 


4. 50 years of the London boroughs in archive films. 

5. New 3D model of central London. 

6. Liverpool Street station, 1917 by Marjorie Sherlock. 

7. The interior of the Old Bedford Music Hall, Camden by Walter Richard Sickert, 1890. 

8. In search of Shakespeare’s London with the Spitalfields Life blog. 


9. Stovepipe hats abound: daguerreotype of the great Chartist meeting at Kennington in April 1848. 


10. Photographing London in the 1970s by Peter Watts. 

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