Gobbets of the week #17

Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history we liked this week:

1. Three very big cheers for @thegentleauthor for spearheading the successful campaign to #savenortonfolgate.

2. Gresham College lecture: the wonderful John Schofield waxes lyrical on the Archaeology of St Paul’s Cathedral. 

3. The real site of Arthur C Clarke’s ‘Tales from the White Hart’. Thanks to @Rachel_Bedder for prompting! 

4. The Berners Street Hoax

5. A gate at the Royal Exchange

6. From Foyles to Hatchards – slip between the covers of London bookshops. 

7. More bookshops: the Antiquarian Bookshops of Old London

8. Robert Hooke and the dog’s lung: animal experimentation in history. 

9. A walk through King’s Cross at the turn of the Millennium. 

10. Blitzed Tottenham Court Road, 1940.

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Gobbets of the week #5!

Here are links to our top 10 gobbets of London history this week:

1. Following our own visit to Pudding Lane – the Flickering Lamps blog looks at Pye Corner: flames, poltergeists and bodysnatchers.

2. Playhouses in Elizabethan London.

3. Clay Pipes: the Urban Archaeology Clay Tobacco Pipe Factsheet!

4. Patrick Baty: the Great Paint Detective explains 300 years of decoration at Queen Anne’s Gate.

5. The Imperial War Museum explores fashion during WW2.

6. Liam Farrell’s lovely painting of St Mary Aldermary.

7. Sealed not signed: @LondonHistorian enjoyed the Magna Carta exhibition.

8. More drawings of Wren churches: great blog by Nick Richards.

9. London’s favourite Fourth Plinth artwork.

10. A tailor’s history of Savile Row.