Gobbets of the week #29

Here are links to the 10 gobbets of London history we liked best this week:

1. #PepysShow! Previews of the eagerly awaited exhibition, Samuel Pepys – Plague, Fire, Revolution – at the National Maritime Museum – by J D Davies (author of Pepys’s Navy), Londonist and the Guardian.


2. Pepys once bought a leg of beef for sixpence at Leadenhall Market, on the site of the Roman Forum and visited by the Memoirs of a Metro Girl blog. On a similar subject, a lovely piece from Spitalfields Life featuring Liam O’Farrell’s sketches of London Markets

3. Hi-res images of historical London maps! 

4. From a blog I haven’t featured before: Sequins and Cherry Blossom visits Riceyman Steps: a Clerkenwell tour in the footsteps of Arnold Bennett. 

5. Inside the House of Cyn: remembering London’s most famous brothel-keeper. 


6. ‘Simply wonderfully produced. Lavish …great pleasure between its covers… a treasure. Treat yourself.’ Praise indeed – London Historians reviews Panorama of the Thames: a riverside view of Georgian London. 

7. Sadly a wet day, and overshadowed by the awful events in Paris the night before: the Lord Mayor’s Show was 800 on Saturday. In case you missed it, here’s Rob Lordan’s excellent guide in Time Out. 

8. More from Spitalfields Life: ‘a mighty piece of kitsch’: Hogarth at Bart’s Hospital 

9. The Footprints of London festival explores London’s deep literary heritage. Mark Rowlands, the festival’s Chairman, was interviewed on the Robert Elms show. 

10. The Blitz: Peter Watts writes of missing buildings and false memories. 

Gobbets of the week #27

Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history we liked this week:

1. Six degrees of Francis Bacon: mapping 16th century social networks.

2. Parliament and Votes for Women


3. How the postcode was invented in London, and some London postcode trivia. 

4. Following the sad death of historian Lisa Jardine, some tributes: (1) the Guardian; (2) apollo magazine; (3) from her BBC producer; (4) another BBC tribute, including links to some of her best ‘Points of View’ eposodes; and (5) her Desert Island Discs. 

5. Exhibition review: E H Shepard at war


 6. St Bart’s Hospital Museum: a hidden gem with a 900 year old story to tell. 

7. Hand-drawn maps of East and North London. 

8. The Blitz: flight from the East End. 

9. From the ‘A London Inheritance’ blog, a journey along the Thames  from the City to the Sea: part 1: Tower Pier to Greenwich;  part 2: Greenwich to Barking Creek; part 3: Barking Creek to Southend

10. …and finally,  a Halloween Special from blackcablondon. Scary London Scenes from film and TV. Part 1 and Part 2


Gobbets of the week #25

Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history we liked this week: 

1. Moving a Wren tower from the Square Mile to Twickenham.

2. The man who made Soho glow. 

3. Samuel Pepys at St Olave’s. 


Samuel Pepys’ monument at St Olave Hart Street

4. London’s rumoured secret tunnels! 

5. The sightlines of St Paul’s Cathedral 


St Paul’s at dawn from New Change

6. The Blitz and bomb damage maps. 

7. Two pieces from the Guildhall Library blog: Magna Carta and Surveys and plans of Victorian London’s docks and wharves


The Magna Carta at the Guildhall

8. Experiences of the theatre in post-Medieval London.

9. A Tudor hunting lodge on the outskirts of London 

10. Housing ‘poor men‘ in Greenwich.