Gobbets of the week #24

Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history we liked this week: 

1. A brief but lovely history of London maps.


2. Visscher redrawn. The panorama of London 400 years on. 

3. Agatha Christie’s London. 

4. More Cries of London from @thegentleauthor. 

5. The Barbican Estate: a town reconstructed from its cellars. 


6. Regency London, John Nash and the Third Reich: visiting Carlton House Terrace. 

7. Battle of Britain: the Crisis. 

8. First ever public tours of Henry V’s chapel. 

9. Postman’s Park – one of London’s most unusual memorials. 


…and finally, two pieces on London’s Northern Heights…

10. Highgate’s hospital history and Hampstead Heath Pergola. 

Gobbets of the week #20

Here are links to the10 gobbets of London history that we liked most this week:

1. The Victorian splendour of Highgate Cemetery. 

2. New podcast from the Oxford DNB: Dennis Severs, creator of 18 Folgate Street. 

3. The chapel of St Thomas-a-Becket on Old London Bridge. 

4. Where the Knollys Roses grow: the lovely ‘secret garden’ of Seething Lane. 

5. Just what we needed! The London Walker’s Tube Map! 

6. A visit to the old church at Perivale. 

7. As another Ashes series comes to a close, a look at some of The Oval’s finest moments. 

8. To Hell in a handcart? A final journey revisited: Newgate to Tyburn.

9. London’s oldest public drinking fountain.

10. A walk from Lambeth Palace to Waterloo Station, using Bradshaw’s Guide. 

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