Gobbets of the week #22

Here are links to the 10 gobbets of London history I liked best this week. It’s been a great week, with much to choose from, and I had to leave out some fascinating articles. Hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I did: 

1. Astonishing detective work and a poignant story brilliantly told: a River Thames mudlarking find brings to life a World War I soldier. 


2. The Blitz families who built a city underground. 

3. Gruesome but absolutely fascinating:  ‘I hung out with Jeremy Bentham’s severed head, and this is what I learned’! 

4. At Billingsgate Roman bathhouse with the Spitalfields Life blog. 


5. Guildhall Art Gallery, City of London. ‘Like walking in to the Crown Jewels’. 

6. In Lambeth, the spectacular Tradescant Tomb: ‘a world of wonders in one closet shut’. 

7. The Regency Sex Trade.

8. The theatres of Regency London.

9. A tour of the Cabbies’ Shelters. 

10. Will it soon again be possible to die ‘from a surfeit of lampreys‘? Seems so, according to the Guardian. 

And finally, thanks to Kitty Pridden for sharing this beautiful picture of the approach to Old London Bridge, which makes a great introduction to my post on ‘Magnus, the Monument and Mice eating Cheese’.  Thanks Kitty! 


Gobbets of the week! #6

Here are links to our 10 favourite gobbets of London history this week:

1. A lovely short video about Magna Carta, narrated by Monty Python’s Terry Jones.

2. Sifting through the stories about the London Stone.

3. Primary source accounts of the trial of King Charles I.

4. How the story unfolded about the 1000 lb WW2 bomb found in Bermondsey this week.

5. Jeremy Bentham’s mummified head!

6. The Supremes in Manchester Square, 1965.

7. The creation of London’s great docks in the 19th century.

8. A short video explaining the order London’s many bridges were built in.

9. Lovely woodcuts from @thegentleauthor in John Thomas Smith’s ancient topography.

10. Before you change yours tonight, a look at London’s more unusual clocks.


Gobbets of the week #4

Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history that caught our eye this week:

1. The Joshua Reynolds Twitter trail.


2. Queen Boudicca’s Fire found under the Walkie-Talkie skyscraper

3. With the arrival of “Gift Horse” to Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth, @Londonist took a look at the previous occupants.


4. As the campaign to #savenortonfolgate heats up, here’s “The Liberty of Norton Folgate“, live by Madness (video).



5. The London Bridge rush hour in 1904.

6. @peterwatts reviews three new books on London.

7. For Thames foreshore fans, reviews of an exhibition of art by Sophie Charalambous by @thegentleauthor and @kathleenmcil

8. An old map of the pubs of the Isle of Dogs.

9. Caroline of Brunswick’s life and death in Hammersmith.

10. Come under Jeremy Bentham’s Gaze at UCL.