Gobbets of the week! #6

Here are links to our 10 favourite gobbets of London history this week:

1. A lovely short video about Magna Carta, narrated by Monty Python’s Terry Jones.

2. Sifting through the stories about the London Stone.

3. Primary source accounts of the trial of King Charles I.

4. How the story unfolded about the 1000 lb WW2 bomb found in Bermondsey this week.

5. Jeremy Bentham’s mummified head!

6. The Supremes in Manchester Square, 1965.

7. The creation of London’s great docks in the 19th century.

8. A short video explaining the order London’s many bridges were built in.

9. Lovely woodcuts from @thegentleauthor in John Thomas Smith’s ancient topography.

10. Before you change yours tonight, a look at London’s more unusual clocks.


Gobbets of the week!

Here are the top 10 gobbets of London history that caught our eye this week:

1. A handy decision map to London’s museums and galleries.


2. Sifting through the stories about the London Stone.

3. The remarkable story of the Coronation Chair.


4. Privatised London: the Thames Walk path that resembles a prison corridor.

5. 42 old English insults.

6. Delightful 1985 film on Spitalfields conservation.


7. Manoeuvring London’s streets in the Regency era.

8. Lee Jackson’s lovely ‘Missing London‘ photo e-book.


9. Teddy Girls in London, 1955.

10. Henry Mayhew’s street traders.