Gobbets of the week #30

Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history we liked this week:

1. Cries of London! The Gentle Author announces the launch of the latest Spitalfields Life book with a programme of events to celebrate centuries of London’s street trading culture. 

2. Punk London – the 40th anniversary of punk to be marked with a year-long celebration in London. 

3. What inspired the Red Telephone Box? 

4. Her Majesty’s Rowlandsons. 

5. Unbuilt London: IanVisits explores A Giant Pyramid for Hyde Park. 

6. From Paper to Copper: fascinating clip explaining how a copper etching was made.

7. Vanished London: The Ticket Porter in Arthur Street. 

8. The secret history of the London Plane Tree. 

9. All change at Maggs Brothers: one of London’s best antiquarian booksellers moves house. 

10. Nightwalking: a nocturnal history of London.

Further Reading

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Gobbets of the week #12! 

Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history we saw this week:

1. Sir John Soane’s private apartments: obsessive, eccentric brilliance. 

2. 18 beautiful and weird maps that will change the way you look at London. 

3. With all the noise of the recent Hatton Garden heist, here’s a lovely piece by Rachel Lichtenstein on one of London’s most fascinating streets. 

4. The Soho shoe shop that supplied Queen Victoria’s wedding slippers. 

5. Murals and street art from 1980s London. 

6. Central London’s massive unbuilt railway terminus. 

7. The little mortuary at St George-in-the-East and its reincarnation as a museum. 

8. Should the Euston Arch be rebuilt? 

9. Francis Barber: reluctant member of Dr Johnson’s mad ménage. 

10. Witanhurst: the biggest private mansion in London – but who owns it?