Gobbets of the week #25

Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history we liked this week: 

1. Moving a Wren tower from the Square Mile to Twickenham.

2. The man who made Soho glow. 

3. Samuel Pepys at St Olave’s. 


Samuel Pepys’ monument at St Olave Hart Street

4. London’s rumoured secret tunnels! 

5. The sightlines of St Paul’s Cathedral 


St Paul’s at dawn from New Change

6. The Blitz and bomb damage maps. 

7. Two pieces from the Guildhall Library blog: Magna Carta and Surveys and plans of Victorian London’s docks and wharves


The Magna Carta at the Guildhall

8. Experiences of the theatre in post-Medieval London.

9. A Tudor hunting lodge on the outskirts of London 

10. Housing ‘poor men‘ in Greenwich. 

Gobbets of the week #5!

Here are links to our top 10 gobbets of London history this week:

1. Following our own visit to Pudding Lane – the Flickering Lamps blog looks at Pye Corner: flames, poltergeists and bodysnatchers.

2. Playhouses in Elizabethan London.

3. Clay Pipes: the Urban Archaeology Clay Tobacco Pipe Factsheet!

4. Patrick Baty: the Great Paint Detective explains 300 years of decoration at Queen Anne’s Gate.

5. The Imperial War Museum explores fashion during WW2.

6. Liam Farrell’s lovely painting of St Mary Aldermary.

7. Sealed not signed: @LondonHistorian enjoyed the Magna Carta exhibition.

8. More drawings of Wren churches: great blog by Nick Richards.

9. London’s favourite Fourth Plinth artwork.

10. A tailor’s history of Savile Row.