Gobbets of the week #26

Sorry we’ve been quiet lately! Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history we’ve seen recently:

1. Tin Pan Alley: the story of Denmark Street. And to accompany it, a lovely piece by artist Pete Scully: ‘In the State of Denmark Street’. 


2. The first of three great pieces from Spitalfields Life:  the Hackney whipping post.

3. A new post in the great ‘Unbuilt London’ series from IanVisits: straightening the River Thames 

4. Zeppelins! Ian Castle’s new book examines the story of London’s First Blitz


5. I for Novello! @thegentleauthor celebrates the Lexicography of Cockney Slang 

6. They all love Jack: Busting the Ripper – P D Smith’s review of the latest Ripper book. 

7. Crime Museum Uncovered by London Historians. 

8. Our third Spitalfields Life piece: at the Harvest Festival of the Sea

9. When King Cholera came calling: instructions to the East End poor.


10. …and ending with a lovely painting I’d never seen before: The Last Muster: Sunday at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, 1875. 

Gobbets of the week #23

It’s been a big week for anniversaries. While the USA remembers the tragedy of 11 September 2001, in London this week marks the anniversaries of the Great Fire, a Zeppelin raid and the start of the Blitz. And of course in ‘other news’ there has been the small matter of the Queen becoming Britain’s longest serving monarch. 

1. My City of Ruins: Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn recount the aftermath of the Great Fire.


2. The centenary of the 3rd Zeppelin raid on London. 

3. On 7th September 1940: a survivor recounts the bombing of Columbia Road Market. 

4. Peter Watts recounts the Legacy of the Blitz


5. Long to Reign Over Us: the Queen’s latest milestone celebrated by St Paul’s Cathedral and the Telegraph. And an explanation of the Crown’s relationship with the City of London


6. S Forester and South London 

7. Lost London – the Great Conduit

8. Down House: Charles Darwin’s Forever Home. 

9. Cries of London: the curious legacy of Francis Wheatley. 


10. Spirit of Soho Mural: celebrating the history and characters of Soho.