Gobbets of the week #14

Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history we liked this week:

1. Victorian London in photographs (via Westminster Walks).

2. A lovely colour film of London Bridge, 1926 by Claude Friese-Green (via Rob Baker).

3. Compare detailed historic maps with today’s London. 

4. Some 3D views of Central Line tube stations. 

5. A Doric tragedy: demolishing the Euston Arch

6. 1960: when Tommy Steele’s wedding caused chaos in Soho Square. 

7. Wonderful archives film of The Barbican, 1969.

8. The Last Shift: the seedy side of Regency London.

9. An old map of London’s Theatreland. 

10. Now the site of City Airport, the King George V and Royal Albert Docks in 1930. 

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