Gobbets of the week!

Here are the top ten gobbets of London history that caught our eye this week:

1. The hill of bones: the story of Bunhill Fields.


2. The top 20 London blue plaques for influential women.

3. Hanging pirates at Execution Dock, Wapping.

4. Fourth Plinth: goodbye Hahn, hello Gift Horse!


5. Piccadilly Circus uncovered!

6. Pancake recipes from 1769.

7. The 12 year old Elizabeth’s letter to Catherine Parr.

8. A view of London from 1860s Japan.


9. Why the world needs Collectors.

10. A London tour: Macarons & Mews!

Gobbets of the week

Here are links to 10 gobbets of London history that caught our eye recently:

1. Rob Lloyd, author of the excellent restoration London thriller The Bloodless Boy is seeking feedback on the first chapter of his sequel.

2. When London’s streets were paved with wood.

3. Distaff Lane: how City streets have changed over the centuries .

4. Dan Cruikshank on the Euston Arch.

5. Churchill’s funeral via British Pathe.

6. A new approach to mapping London

7. “The Anatomizer’s Ground” – Uncovering the history of St Olave’s, Silver Street.

8. A new design for the Pepys’ Diary website.

9. Sir Charles Bressey’s unimplemented ‘improvements’ to London (1937).

10. A love letter to London by @thegentleauthor.