Gobbets of the week #9

Here are links to our top 10 gobbets of London history this week:

1. The Newgate prison executioner’s bell on show at St. Sepulchre’s church. 

2. Cleopatra’s Needle: how an Egyptian obelisk ended up by the Thames. 


3. The remarkable 300-year history of the equestrian statue of Charles I at Charing Cross. 

4. How Thomas Cromwell helped John Stow’s father to move house.


5. Numismatic detective wizardry: unfolding Restoration London lives from trade tokens. 

6. All of London’s tiny streets have a story: Crown Court, Cheapside. 

7. Nuances of the Northern Line

8. Mapping emotions in Victorian London. 

9. How 173 Londoners lost their lives in the Bethnal Green tube disaster. 


10. Behind the scenes at Stationers’ Hall (three tweets: one, two and three).

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