Gobbets of the week #26

Sorry we’ve been quiet lately! Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history we’ve seen recently:

1. Tin Pan Alley: the story of Denmark Street. And to accompany it, a lovely piece by artist Pete Scully: ‘In the State of Denmark Street’. 


2. The first of three great pieces from Spitalfields Life:  the Hackney whipping post.

3. A new post in the great ‘Unbuilt London’ series from IanVisits: straightening the River Thames 

4. Zeppelins! Ian Castle’s new book examines the story of London’s First Blitz


5. I for Novello! @thegentleauthor celebrates the Lexicography of Cockney Slang 

6. They all love Jack: Busting the Ripper – P D Smith’s review of the latest Ripper book. 

7. Crime Museum Uncovered by London Historians. 

8. Our third Spitalfields Life piece: at the Harvest Festival of the Sea

9. When King Cholera came calling: instructions to the East End poor.


10. …and ending with a lovely painting I’d never seen before: The Last Muster: Sunday at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, 1875. 

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